How to Grow Your Ezine Subscriber List


Your ezine subscriber list is a very valuable group. They are interested in your product of service. They *want* to hear from you occasionally. They are interested in what's new with the subject and have asked to be kept in the loop.

When I built my first website, I was mistaken thinking that just because I put a form to capture email addresses, people would fill it in. Very few did.

Why not? They had no reason to. No motivation. No return for giving out their information. I wrote a small time management workbook and offered it to subscribers. After they clicked to join the list, they were directed to a. pdf version of the book. As soon as I provided a reward for signing up, my subscriber list grew by leaps and bounds - almost 400%! I was so excited!

Then I sent out my first newsletter to these folks. Lots of them bounced; they were invalid email addresses. These readers were willing to type in a little box to get a reward, but the prize came too easily.

Soon I learned that a great method to ensure their correct email was captures was to deliver the goods via email. That way, if they really wanted to get the booklet, they'd have to ante up with valid addresses.

Great - they had pre-qualified themselves!

Now, just sit back and watch your list grow into a wonderful marketing tool.


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